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Bento Three (Medium)

Bento Three (Medium)

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The Bento Three is the perfect lunch box for children who prefer sandwiches, wraps or salads but still like some variety. The three large compartments give you plenty of options for lunchtime. You can even customise the Bento Three further with our handy Bento Accessories like Cups and Dividers to create more sections!

The individually sealed, leakproof* compartments in the Bento Three allow you to pack sandwiches, fruit, veggies, crackers and yogurt side by side without the risk of spills. Our Bento Boxes are airtight, so you can pack lunches the night before, or even a couple of days in advance!
Great question! Though the Bento Three and Five boxes look the same on the outside and are the same size, they have different configurations inside! 
The Bento Three has 3 compartments and is good for larger items like a full sandwich or wrap.
The Bento Five has 5 compartments, so it’s great for packing more variety or for ‘grazers’ who prefer small amounts of different foods. 

Lunch Box Measurements:
Capacity – 980ml
4 Cups of Food
Dimensions – 17.5cm x 17.5cm x 5.6cm
Weight- 347g

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